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D-series VOLVO E5
Adblue emulator D-series VOLVO E5 is intended to disable SCR system. It is used on trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles with a diesel engine.
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D-series VOLVO E5 D-series VOLVO E5
Suitable for truck makes
all trucks
FH, FL, FM 4-Series Euro5 (1990-2019)
  • Full simulation of the diesel exhaust fluid injection system ;
  • Imitation of the NOx sensor;
  • Work on vehicles with retarder;
  • Upgraded software;
  • New circuit technology;
  • Low power enhancements;
  • Work with diagnostic scanner;
  • Simulate the complete presence of the SCR module and the NOx sensor;
  • AutoPowerOff function;
  • Reading and broadcasting the numbers of the SCR block and the NOx sensor;
Current consumption
<15 mA
Operating temperature range
-40 + 85 С
70 x 50 x 22 mm
Cable length
300 mm
40 g
8 - 36 V
Cable length bus CAN2
2500 mm
D-series VOLVO E5 received an indication of the modes of operation, as well as the functions of working with a diagnostic scanner. This allows the emulator to remain unnoticed even when connecting the dealer equipment. It is possible to use our emulator, including on new cars without sacrificing the warranty.
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